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We are pleased and humbled to share comments from some of our valued customers

Dr. Ray Molina, MD (East Stroudsburg, PA)

It has been almost two years since you introduced me to Turmeric, which you distribute through your store.
As a medical doctor, with some scepticism, I tried it not as a curative but as preventive suppliment containing
During that time I have read in medical and prevention articles, on the wide use and benefits of this flavorful herb.
It seems to be helpful to those who need it, but also to those, like myself, who take it daily as an integrative supplement. I use approximately one half teaspoon twice a day and have no side effects.

Mr. Milton M. (East Stroudsburg, PA)


I have been using the turmeric root for about seven weeks now and have experienced improvement in the arthritis in my knees and feet. I went away on vacation for three weeks and did not use the turmeric while I was on vacation.
I have been back three weeks now and resumed the use of the turmeric root and again noticed improvement in my arthritis. I hope to continue use of turmeric and anticipate continued improvement in relief of my arthritis. I prefer a natural method of relief as apposed to a pharmaceutical one. Thank you for your effort to introduce me to your pure turmeric root.




Ms. Susan Brehm (Waynesboro, VA)

I received your generous gift of Tumeric and Ginger- "Thank You" so very much. 
I have seen great benefits from using the miracle roots, one for my nausea after chemo ( I usually only take the Rx for 3 days) then I start the ginger..makes a big difference.  The turmeric just makes me feel great, very little muscle or arthritis pain.
You have my permission to post my experience, and hope many other people can experience the power of Miracle Roots.
May God Bless you with good health and happiness!


Prof. Arthur Mark (Narragansett, RI)

In this day of exaggerated claims and unsubstantiated testimonies, one product distributed by Nafisa Mohyuddin
is both honest and verifiable. I have taken turmeric , ginger and honey irregularly for quite some time until I decided to put it to a real test…recording when I took it over a period of time and contrasting the results with withdrawing it of an equal period. I was stubborn about the result thinking the discomfort after a few days was caused by the weather, lack of rest or whatever. Slowly as I returned to the turmeric regimen, I realized that the turmeric and ginger was the difference. I continue following the the program suggested by Nafisa and the arthritic pain and stomach discomfort both have eased, but most important for me, I am able to button my shirt buttons myself and shave without worry about cutting myself


Ms. Linda Seliger (E. Stroudsburg, PA)

Ever since I started using Turmeric before and after my hip replacement, I healed so much faster, this surgery as to my first hip surgery 4 years ago with no Turmeric..I believe this wonderful root helped my healing process..I would recommend highly.


Mr. Don Mulvey (Allentown, PA)

My experience started when my wife met you at Josie Porter farms a few weeks ago. I am currently under going treatment for Cancer and Miracle roots has had a major positive impact on my digestion, my comfort, and energy levels while I manage through chemotherapy. I have always practiced a healthy diet but miracle roots has yielded a measurable, positive impact to my personal well being.
Thank you

Ms. Lucinda Sterling (Lehighton, PA) - April, 2016

Thank you for the message and prompt delivery of the Miracle Roots. In addition to using the products daily in my own life, I have been giving the miracle roots as gifts to those dear to me.  


To briefly explain, I am a Trigeminal Neuralgia patient who for about 4 years has been successfully battling the beast.  About six weeks ago, I visited my neuromuscular therapist (whom I have been working with for the past 4 years) for a treatment in the mouth and jaw area where the nerve was continuing to react. As always, she zeroed in on the problem area and relaxed the nerve for a brief period of time. She told me she could actually feel the nerve with her finger which lead me to believe inflammation may be an issue causing the recent flareup.


Taking 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of ginger with my morning juicing has three weeks later left me pain free. I began taking your product for arthritis in my hands and was quick to learn of the number ways both the ginger and turmeric benefit my well being.


THANK YOU for offering yourself and such a fine product to the community of believers. It is truly amazing how those in need connect with one another. I am blessed to have found both you and your product.


Thanks again and be well.  


Mrs. Rashida Patwa (UK) - 2017

Thank you again for showing me the remedy for acidity. As you know I have been suffering from severe acidity since one and a half year. My Oesophagus was completely burnt and was not healing even with very high dose of Medication. I was taking 40 mg of Esomeprazole, 300 mg of Renetadine and Gavascon 4 times a day. I started taking quarter teaspoon of Turmeric / Honey paste in quarter glass of warm milk 3 times a day as that was helping me.

Together with this I was also taking half teaspoon of methi (Fenugreek) seeds soaked over night in quarter glass of water once a day. Took this for 2 months together with my medication. I was able to do my Ramadan Rozas (fasting) as well.

Most importantly I was able to eat everything which before I was not able to. I felt so much better. I think the Turmeric / Honey paste healed my Oesophagus.


Dr. Akhtar Khanam, PhD (Mequom, WI) - October, 2020

​Miracle roots has proven to be a real miracle for me. With age I had developed arthritic pain in my knees and back that caused a lot of inconvenience in my daily life. I started to see the results before I finished my first bottle and for the past month I have been pain free.


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