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Why is 100% pure, fresh ground Turmeric better than Turmeric Powder / Capsules?

Fresh Ground Turmeric is more potent because it has all its natural oils and juices intact. Nothing is added to it, not even water. And more importantly nothing is removed from it.

Our fresh Turmeric root is hand picked and washed, cleaned and processed under strict hygienic conditions as approved by the state. Fresh Turmeric Root does not have any unnecessary fillers, additives or excipients (An excipient is a substance added to the supplement as a processing or stability aid).

Powder turmeric that is commonly available is made AFTER boiling and drying the root. Much of its natural oils and juices are lost in that process.

One ingredient, magnesium stearate (also know as stearic acid), is a potentially toxic metal additive for pill production. Another ingredient found in many Turmeric supplements, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate (DCP), may even inhibit the absorption of essential minerals within your system. The bottom line is... you don't want or need these ingredients in your turmeric supplement. Some pose potential health risks, and all are unnecessary.


There are many health benefits of Turmeric, but what about the side-effects?


The FDA classifies Turmeric as GRAS (General Recognition of Safety). For thousands of years Turmeric has been used with no side effects. Studies have also shown that Curcumin even in large quantities does not produce any known side effects in humans. However, Turmeric should be used with caution by people with gallstones or anyone having Gallbladder dysfunction.


How much Turmeric should I take in a day and for how long can I continue using it?


For pain relief one level teaspoon swallowed down with any liquid, daily.

Once the pain is relieved, less can be taken on a daily basis for maintaining the benefit. Each person’s body chemistry and needs are different, so do what suits you.


Is there any age restriction regarding the use of Ginger, Turmeric & Fenugreek?

Children from the age of 4 years onwards can safely take Ginger and Turmeric. If the children don't like the fibrous texture of the root, feel free to strain the milk / soup / tea.


Children from the age of 2 years onwards can safely take Fenugreek Sprouts. Mix it with their food and they will love it.


The Ginger & Turmeric have become dark after opening. Does that effect its efficacy?

The change in colour is due to natural oils present in Turmeric and Ginger. The darkening of colour does not effect its potency or efficacy.

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