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Hi, my name is Nafisa and I would like to share with you how Miracle Roots was found.

Ten years ago, due to Osteoarthritis all the joints in my hands and wrist became swollen, and it  got so bad that the pain would wake me up at night! My husband took me to a Rheumatologist, who prescribed pain relievers. Months of taking medication gave me ulcers and little relief.

My brother in Peshawar (Pakistan), a great believer in Natural Herbal practice, consulted "Hakim Saheb"* of the well renowned Hamdard Clinic. He said “*Apa, take Turmeric and Ginger. Use one teaspoon in hot milk every morning and evening”. Within days the swelling went down and pain receded. After two weeks, there was no pain in my joints! I found that when I took the fresh root, it was more effective, more palatable as compared to powders!

*Herbal Medicine books and researchers state that the powder is made after boiling or dry roasting the root, then it is dried and ground. Most, if not all, the volatile oils and natural juices are lost in this process. Preservatives and added chemicals that come with capsules and pills are harmful.

I tried to find Fresh Turmeric root ground and ready to use in health stores and online to no avail. The Ginger paste in stores invariably has some sort of preservative in it. So, I made my own! I have shared this ‘miracle of Fresh pure Turmeric and Ginger’ with family and friends locally as well as in Chicago, Virginia etc.

Over the years they have been telling me to market it, to make it available to people who need it, who know the importance of Natural healing. Charlie Cahn, a dear friend, humanitarian and a devoted social worker said to me when he came to pick up his fresh supply of Miracle Roots, “Nafisa, this is a service that you are doing”. Shackles of pain are terrible, and I am humbled when someone tells me that they are feeling better after taking Turmeric and Ginger. I am thankful, happy and feel blessed that I can share the “Miracle Roots” with you.


*Nafisa has a Masters Degree in Political Science and has teaching experience of more than 30 years. Out of that over 15 years were at University level. She also has qualifications in Pharmacy.


*Keeping with the strong family tradition of helping the less fortunate and recognizing the importance of education, a share of our profits goes towards supporting a child in a developing country. We support scholarships for needy children and to buy equipment for the schools. So you can rest assured that when you make a purchase at Miracle Roots, IT IS NOT ONLY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH, IT IS ALSO GREAT FOR YOUR SOUL!!

* Herbal Medicine --- Expanded Commission & Monographs
Senior Editor- Mark Blumenthal (Founder and Executive Director American Botanical Council Foreword by --- Varro E Tyler , Ph.F.,Sc.D ( Dean and Distinguished Professor of Pharmacognosy Emeritus. School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, Purdue University)

*Hakims are trained Herbalogists of Hamdard University which is renowned throughout India and Pakistan.

*Saheb, Urdu term of respect e.g. Sir

*Apa, elder sister in Urdu

All products are packed and sealed under state approved hygienic conditions.


Please note: The information given is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.
Please consult a physician before consuming any type of herb especially if pregnant or nursing. Products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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