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1.  Turmeric For Acne | Inflammation:

Turmeric is one of the best ingredients to use for acne. For acne, take a piece of organic turmeric and soak it in hot water for few minutes. Rub the soaked turmeric on a coarse stone to get turmeric paste. Apply the turmeric paste on the spots and let it dry. You can also leave it overnight. Once dry, wash it off gently using warm water. You will see good difference with regular use, the pain and inflammation also will subside very quickly.












2. Turmeric for Scabies:

Scabies occur commonly all over the world and it affects both adults and children. The worst thing a person experiences, when a person gets scabies is the constant itching, which even prevents them from getting a good nights sleep. Scabies produces small reddish bumps, usually in the creases in the body. This home remedy for scabies consist of two parts, first is the antiseptic wash, which is made with turmeric and burnt shikakai. Before even starting this treatment, wash the sheets and clothes of the infected person separately and sun dry them. Then use the antiseptic wash to wash the affected area well. Then sponge the affected area with a tissue and apply the following lotion. To make the lotion, take fat variety of turmeric and garlic pods in a mortar and pestle. Pound them well. Heat coconut oil in a pan. Once hot, add the pounded spices. Fry till the spices turn golden brown and a nice smell wafts from it. Remove from fire and let it cool down.  Strain the oil. Apply this lotion on the affected area with the help of a feather. Turmeric and garlic infused oil is an antiseptic and kills the mites effectively. This lotion will work well for any skin related diseases and it stores well. 


















3. Turmeric Face Mask For Skin Whitening | Lightening:

In India fairness creams are marketed promising drastic color change in a matter of few days. No creams or lotion can change the color of the skin of the skin we are born with drastically. But certain naturals ingredients does lighten the skin tone a bit giving it a brighter look. Turmeric is the foremost in that list of ingredients used for skin whitening. To use, mix pure turmeric powder with fresh lemon juice and apply. If you find it very drying or irritating on the skin, add few drops of unrefined coconut oil to the mixture. Weekly thrice or twice application will lighten the skin tone.















4. Turmeric Face Mask For Acne Scars:
Turmeric is very good for treating acne scars too. For treating acne scars, take a piece of turmeric and rub it in a coarse stone to get a smooth paste. Collect fresh holy basil leaves and clean it well to remove any dirt. Take the holy basil leaves in a mortar and pestle and grind to a smooth paste along with the ground turmeric paste to get a smooth mixture. Apply on the acne scars daily, with regular use the scars will diminish resulting in clear and glowing skin.















5. Turmeric Cloth For Pink Eye:
When we get madras eye | pink eye, there is terrible pain, redness and watering of the eyes. Using turmeric wipes to clean the eyes gets rid of the infection very quickly. You can also use these wipes to clean cuts and wounds for children. To make these wipes, take a 100% pure white cotton cloth. Boil water in a wide pan, once it comes to a rolling boil, add the cloth and let it boil for few minutes. Remove the cloth and squeeze out the water once it cools down. Take a piece of turmeric and rub it into a paste in a coarse stone. Mix the turmeric paste in water. Soak the sterilized cloth in this turmeric water. After an hour, squeeze out the water and sun dry it completely. Your homemade antiseptic turmeric wipes are now ready! You can make plenty of these wipes during summer months and use it year round to treat any infections.
















6. Turmeric For Skin Discoloration | Pigmentation:
Skin discoloration though a very minor problem might upset some especially if it is very prominent. Turmeric is great for treating skin discoloration and the best way to use it for discoloration is by making a face pack with it. For the face pack, take fresh turmeric got by rubbing turmeric on a coarse stone and then mix it with equal quantity of besan | gram flour. Thin it down to spreadable consistency using buttermilk and apply on the face. Try using it weekly twice or thrice to see results.













7. Turmeric For Eczema:
Eczema which is characterized with thickened and inflamed skin accompanied by itching can also be treated with turmeric. For the remedy collect fresh turmeric paste by rubbing turmeric over a coarse stone and then grind it along with fresh neem leaves to get a thick paste. Apply this paste daily over the affected area. Since turmeric has anti inflammatory properties, it will greatly ease the pain and itching. This is a very safe remedy that can be used even everyday for months together without any side effects.












8. Turmeric For Boils:
If I get a boil, I just apply fresh turmeric paste on it and by next day the boil will be visibly reduced if it is smaller. If it is quite big  already and filled with pus, it will mature fast and rupture releasing the pus, giving good relief from pain. Turmeric paste can be applied on scalp boils too. When I was suffering from abscess, I used to apply the paste even after the boil has ruptured and this healed the wound faster. 












9. Turmeric For Body Odor:
Turmeric is very very effective in treating body odor and the best way to use for controlling body odor is by using a turmeric based bath powder. Using bath powder is a tradition that has been followed for many many years and almost all of the bath powder preparations will have turmeric in it. Along with controlling body odor, turmeric based bath powders also will prevent all kinds of skin infections. They also store well, if properly dried. Usually bath powders are done during peak summer time as it is easy to sun dry the ingredients well, I would suggest you do the same especially if making it n large batches. You can find detailed information about making bath powder here.















10. Turmeric For Babies Skin:
The best way to use turmeric for babies is by making a massage oil with it. This massage oil made with turmeric and homemade virgin coconut oil keeps the babies skin soft and free from infections. For massaging boy babies, homemade virgin coconut oil can be used as it is. As turmeric tends to reduce body hair growth, we don't use it on boys. To make this massage oil, first take an organic turmeric and rub it in a coarse stone along with little water to get turmeric paste. Heat homemade virgin coconut oil in a pan. Make sure not fill the pan full with the oil, as the oil will splutter all over. Add the turmeric paste, the oil will start sizzling. Remove the oil, once the sizzling sound stops and let it cool. Make sure not to burn the turmeric paste. Once it is completely cool, strain and store in glass bottles. To use, before bath, massage this oil gently all over the body and then give them a bath with warm water.  Use this oil weekly twice for best results.
















Written by Ramya Venkateshwaran on September 16, 2015. Posted on


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